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An estimated 170.000 children (under age 15) are living with HIV+ in India. Our non profit foundation RAYS was created in 2010 to address this issue. We started a home with 3 children and presently we shelter more than 50. We provide them all the support needed for a healthy and happy life: education, medical aid, balanced meals, regular exercise and lots of love! The children are between 3 and 17 years old and attend regular schools. At home, they are also taught dance, music, art, craft, yoga, English and other extracurricular activities by our volunteers.

RAYS Homes

The two RAYS orphanages support over 50 HIV+ children. Every child in the RAYS family attends regular school and we are delighted to claim many top-scorers among the RAYS children and an excellent overall academic interest. Children also travel around India once or twice a year during the school holidays, attend art and yoga classes and benefit from the interest and time of many visitors. Caring for HIV+ children is a matter of great responsibility and as a charitable organization we at RAYS rely on the goodwill of people, as financial donors or as volunteers, in order to provide good care, good education and a positive environment to our brave young children.

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RAYS is a charitable organization that cares for children who were born with the human immunovirus (HIV). Many of these children lost their parents or were abandoned by their families, some were brought by helpless parents who could no longer provide medical or personal care. RAYS welcomes these children into its family and gives them a home, cares for their medical needs, their education and counsels them towards a life of possibility, positivity and hope. Great ways that you can support is mentioned below.


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