Child Annual Expenses
  • Rs 36,000 /year
  • Annual Expenses
  • Food, Cloths & Education
  • We have 50 Children
Annual Education Of A Child
  • Rs 12,000 /year
  • Annual Education of A Child
  • Materials for Education
  • We have 50 Children
Annual Expense Less Education
  • Rs 24,000 /year
  • Less Education
  • Food, Cloths
  • We have 50 children
General Donation
  • Pay any amount
  • Support A Child
  • Support In General
  • Support The Cause

At RAYS, over the years we have optimized our expenses to ensure the best value is achieved for every penny without compromising on the essentials needed for each HIV+ child. Even small amounts make a big difference in the lives of each of these fifty children. Please feel free to give any amount you see fit. In order to provide some context, we list below some monthly costs for supporting each child.

  • 1- $194 (RS. 12,000) will cover a child's annual education expense;
    2- $582 (RS. 36,000) will cover a child's total annual expense;
    3- $971 (RS. 60,000) will cover annual salary of a helper;
    4- $1165 (RS. 72,000) will cover the annual medicines that are not provided by the government.
  • Other than this you can also contribute by making a general donation.


  • Tax Exemption

  • All donations to Rays are exempt from Indian Income tax act under Sec 80 G and 35 A.C


  • Donate in kind

  • If you are from Jaipur (or are visiting Jaipur), we would delightfully welcome gifts in kind. For instance:
    1- Your time - spend time with the children. They love meeting new people and exchanging insights. They are quite inquisitive and enjoy living vicariously through the experiences and travels of others.
    2- You could sponsor an outdoor activity, or teach them a new sport, or go kite-flying with them on the large and sunny roof at the orphanage.
    3- You could donate supplies like school stationary, home appliances, spare electronics, whatever you think might contribute to their quality of life.

All donations are exempt under section 80-G of Income Tax Act 1961


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