June is one of the most awaited months of the year!

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June is one of the most awaited months of the year for our children as it is the month of maximum fun. June being a whole month of summer vacations, the kids are completely focused on their extracurricular activities.

This month always involves a lot of people who offer to volunteer to spend time with children. Along with their singing, dancing and theatre classes, the children also got a chance to spend a lot of their free time with the volunteers who always came up with fun and innovative ways to teach them new things. They learnt about motivation through watching various documentaries and movies. Our volunteers also helped children prepare for their new academic year in advance by helping them with their academics.

The children also spent a lot of time in learning new skills. They had a candle making workshop which was organised at the home. They also spent a lot of time learning how to make creative items out of waste. The children also saw a lot of educational movies and through this medium we worked on improving their command on English and conversational skills. Along with these activities, some of our elder children are also preparing for competitive exams like RSCIT. The children who are entering 12th standard this year are also going for regular classes to ensure a good academic result and at the same time are also being given career guidance for their future.

This month marked the celebration of a very special Father’s day. The children prepared beautiful performances and cards. The highlight of the celebration was a 10 feet long card that the children prepared which included heartfelt messages and poems which they wrote themselves for their father, Captain Gurinder Virk. It was a beautiful day full of emotions and it will always be a cherished memory. Also celebrated this month was International Yoga day, the children spent a lot of time doing yoga and learning about the benefits of it being a regular practice. Yoga has been a part of their everyday schedule for a long time.

This month has also been special as our RAYS family is now bigger with the addition of 2 adorable children. We have an addition of 2 boys at our boys home and they are already attending school and getting treatment and the other children have welcomed them with open arms. We are extremely lucky to receive so much love from the children and our supporters!

We hope you continue to support us and send us your love.


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