• The children at RAYS understand that one has to make the most of every moment in life. And although they bravely smile at us day after day and assure us that all is well, we know that the harsh reality of their condition is a hard burden to carry for a child. In such times, the uplifting company of others makes a big difference.

    Although the children receive professional counseling, they tremendously appreciate the attention and time spent with volunteers from India and all around the world. These volunteers seek the challenge of giving these young children a glimpse of exotic foreign cultures and share their experiences with them. In turn they help the children improve their English language skills. Sometimes, if the volunteers wish, they involve themselves in organizational activities at the orphanage.

    The RAYS children are an inspiration to work with. Every member of the RAYS team will vouch that these children touch our hearts in inexplicable ways every day and make us wonder at such courage and graciousness in those so young. Team RAYS is full of friendly and energetic people who constantly seek to better the organization. Additionaly, Jaipur is a great place to be for young people. It is a vibrant city with an ancient culture, several forts, and arguably one of the best cuisines in India.

    Please contact us if you wish to volunteer at RAYS - Asha ki ek Kiran (A ray of hope) in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India at info@ngoraysjaipur.com or +91-97845-17200.

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What Volunteers Say About Us

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